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    Havok, Director & Max (Shaders, Physics & Collision)

      Hi all,

      I'm creating a simple game in director using 3ds max to create my 3d enviroment/scene. I am not extremely fluent with director, but i would like to think i have a basic grasp of its work flow, i have recently been introduced to Havok inside Director and am using it for said game!

      So without further ado, let me explain some issues:

      1. Exporting my scene gives me an extreme loss in quality, is there some way to set up shaders or material properties inside director? If so, how?

      2. One of the materials would be illuminated, which i am guessing would also be a shader!

      3. Setting up physics, would i be better to define each object in the reactor in 3ds max, or just do it all in havok?

      4. Is it possible to have geometry that has no collision until another object interacts with it?
      (For example, a bridge with some missing planks - if i made the plank invisble and no collision, so the player would fall throguh it. But then if the player placed a specific object/box to the invisible plank could director then make it appear and have collision?)

      Thats the main issues i have, if anyone could help me answer them or point me int he right direction i would really appreciate it.

      Thank you prior
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          the real POTMO
          Im no ninja with Havok but I can tell you that Adobes licence with Havok has expired and they are not supporting that xtra any more. The new physics engine bundled with Director 11 is called Ageia. Its really good.

          With the 3d i suggest you download (and buy) the tool xtra "3DPI".
          Its a window in director that expose all properties and functions for 3d-objects and let you modify them all.
          And when you modify them you can trace the changes showing you how the syntax for coding it looks like.
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            Justanynickname Level 1
            Hi, firstly thanks for your reply

            Secondly i do have 3dpi, and will look into using it more ;)

            Finally im using director mx...so i am using havok (part of my criteria) any more info would be great, especially concerning 3dpi and shaders!

            Thanks again!
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              Level 7
              The MAX exporter routinely tells you that you are using non-blinn
              shaders even when you are in fact using blinn shaders. That is just
              weird, but nothing to worry about. The dimensions of your bitmap
              graphics will matter. They should always be powers of 2 (512x512 for
              example). If you have non-powers-of-two dimensions, then the images can
              get distorted or blurry.

              Also, there is a setting in the exporter for the max texture size. If
              you use that, it will automatically scale all your texture maps down to
              whatever it is set for. That makes the file size smaller and, depending
              on your source images, can impact the image quality.
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                Justanynickname Level 1
                thanks for the post,

                ok great so im not going insane...its just max lol

                I am mainly using simple RGB colours and not really images, but thank you for the advice i will remember it for future reference.

                Your reply was a great help, thank you again!

                Still looking for any advice on shaders within director/lingo please...even if someone can point me the direction of a tutorial e.g. a web link, that would be fantastic!

                Thanks guys