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    change interpretation Rules.txt


      Hi all


      I'm trying to change the interpretation rules so that ae takes in pngs with a black premultiplied alpha.


      this is how my line in the .txt reads. Changed the ~ to a = but no luck

      # PNG file format is premultiplied by convention
      *, *, *, "PNGf", * = *, *, *, P, *, *

      PNGf seems to be the type code for pngs according to wikipedia. Maybe that is where I am wrong but I could not find anything else. When aving PNG instead of 'PNGf' ae complains about a syntax error so I am pretty sure that at least PNG is not the right one.


      if anyone could point me towards the right direction that would be great.

      thanks  AE 5.5 mac pro 10.6.8

      -ps I'm not a code guy, basically I don't fully understand what I did there I'm just following stuff I read online and in the interpretation rules.txt. Those *,*,*, thingys are a mystery to me. Please take that into account when answering


      AE 5.5 mac pro running 10.6.8

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I don't understand why you want to do this.  You can tell AE how to read the footage in the Interpret Footage settings.

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            hallo284 Level 1

            Hi David,


            thanks for getting back. I am aware of that. I am comping with lots of passes from 3d. Every time a new version for the passes gets rendered and I update them ae 'forgets' the interpretation again.


            if you deal with 100+ image sequences per shot going through all of them just to do the interpretation becomes a very annoying task. Even if I only had to do it once.


            Please don't tell me I should be using nuke for this kind of work either it's not an option.