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    can not set  multicastRelayMarginDuration





      i try set the multicastRelayMarginDuration in my p2p application multicast broadcaster


      netStream.multicastWindowDuration = 31;  // change default for everybody

      netStream.multicastPushNeighborLimit = 10; // change default for everybody

      netStream.multicastRelayMarginDuration = 5; // change default for everybody



      netStream.multicastRelayMarginDuration = 5; //test for HD

      //netStream.multicastPushNeighborLimit = 10;

      //netStream.multicastWindowDuration = 30;


      i test with http://osmf.org/dev/1.6gm/setup.html and see the

      multicastWindowDuration is set to 31 sec for everybody this works fine

      the multicastPushNeighborLimit is alwys 4 i think this is ok because its an security limit set this value to more than 4

      but the multicastRelayMarginDuration is alwys 2 sec is this normal? i can not set this value?



      best regards

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          the multicastPushNeighborLimit and multicastRelayMarginDuration are set individually at each member; they are not inherited from the publisher. the defaults are 4 and 2 seconds respectively.


          you can override any of the multicast parameters (including the window duration) at each peer. listen for NetStream.MulticastStream.Reset (which signals (re)attachment of a low-level multicast stream) and set/override the ones you want to change each time.


          the parameters that are inherited from the publisher (but can still be overridden at each peer) are:






          also, if multicastPushNeighborLimit is 0, peers will inherit 0. if the publisher has a non-zero multicastPushNeighborLimit, peers will start with the default of 4.


          these parameters are not inherited from the publisher, and have default initial values at each peer:



             multicastPushNeighborLimit (see exception/explanation above)