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    AECS6 w/Missing Font - leaves replacement in renders - Text 'pops' btween fonts


      Anyone else see this, I opened a project and realized I didn't turn on the font I needed (Interstate) in my font manager, and After Effects warns me, subs in another font- Arial and displays the text.


      I turn on the font, go back to AE, still the substituted font Arial, fine- I purge the memory, turn on and off layers- still Arial. So it's cahed, right? I re-open the project, still Arial. Close and re-open AE..yup- still Arial. Change resolution- pop- goes to Interstate, whew. Change back to original resolution- back to Arial. Yikes. And scroll to new frames and it renders correctly as Interstate, popping back and forth between them on same layer. Decide to do a test and render a quicktime at the original resolution- and guess what? It renders the substitute font Arial- now that is a little scary.


      So be aware, and I don't think this is a big deal really, and I love the new caching features, but you may get fonts that are too close to notice that the cache has got it wrong.


      Of course, you just could make sure your fonts are active before you open the project and it caches the font layers, then again you might not know which fonts you need active until you open the project...


      So, is there a way to manually blow away all caches with that specific project?


      I would love to be able to do this if I get a missing font error message....


      Thanks in advance!