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    bookmarks missing underscores on SOME PCs!

    Teri White
      We have recently upgraded everyone to RH7. However, we're discovering that only some people are getting the 'convert spaces / illegal characters to underscores' when creating bookmarks. On my laptop if I just press Tab, the spaces are converted. On other equally new XP machines pressing tab just creates a bookmark with spaces. A bookmark that does not work.

      All of us have "use underscores in filenames" checked. We were all installed with the same software (multi-user license), we all have XP with the same service packs.

      WHAT can cause this difference in performance? This is a key error as the bookmarks with spaces don't work and RH7 now captures all the words following the bookmark location...so if you are not careful, you have a problem.

      Anyone have any words of wisdom on this? We're going nuts! Thanks!!!