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    Text folder not exporting to EPUB?


      My company is currently working to convert a number of its proprietary books from print to digital versions. To this end, we're working with a developer company to create a Web interface that allows users to view all the content within a Web-based reader. At the suggestion of the developer company, we're providing all of the content to them by exporting it from InDesign to EPUB format, since this nicely converts everything to HTML/CSS and packages it neatly at the same time.


      However, we encountered a problem with one of the series that we converted last week. This particular series is very short (because of the break-down, the content of each file comes to less than a page's worth of copy in InDesign), and when it is exported to EPUB, the EPUB zip does not place the HTML file in a "Text" folder, instead placing it loose in the OEBPS folder inside the EPUB zip. In turn, this causes problems for the developer company, as the method they use to auto-process the EPUB files for the Web interface is set up to look for the HTML files inside a Text folder.


      Does anyone know why InDesign would not be exporting the HTML file in a Text folder? I have tried setting up the InDesign file so that it will export to multiple "pages" (i.e., multiple HTML files from a single InDesign file), but then it just places both HTML files in the OEBPS folder and still fails to include the Text folder.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          I don't think I've ever had IDCS5.5 create a 'Text' folder for me. 'Images', sure, but not 'Text'.


          XHTML or DocBook type? (I've only used X so far.)


          Are you sure the result was not post-processed -- or even "just opened" -- with other software, such as Sigil? Now *that*, very intrusively, reorders the entire file set. If memory serves: it also creates a 'Text' folder ...

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm pretty sure that it's not in the EPUB 2.0.1 spec to require that HTML files be placed in a Text folder.


            That most likely was postprocessed with a script or another piece of software. Jongware may be right that Sigil would do that, don't have to time to test at the moment.

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              ARHarter Level 1

              The files are being exported as XHTML, I've never tried the other option myself.


              The EPUB files themselves weren't processed by anything other than InDesign, to the best of my knowledge. There are no plug-ins or extensions for InDesign on any of the three different computers used to export these files to EPUB, and the only thing it's currently set up to do beyond the export is to automatically open the EPUBs in Sigil, all copies of which currently have their all auto-correcting/auto-checking/etc. options turned off, so they shouldn't be messing with the structure (and, when I have auto-open turned off and I check the EPUB, there's still no Text folder inside the OEBPS folder). (Note that while Sigil displays the files as being inside a Text file within Sigil, the files themselves are not actually being stored in a folder structure like that).  When we export more complicated files (.indb files with multiple .indd documents in them, or even .indd files that are more than a page in length) to EPUB, then change the .epub extension to .zip and extract the contents, the HTML files are all gathered together in a folder called "Text."


              Thanks for the suggestion, though. I have had Sigil's auto-fix function mess things up for me in the past, so it was certainly a reasonable theory. Just not the right one this time around, I guess.


              Steve: it's not a case of whether or not the Text file matters in the context of EPUB 2.0.1 specs, since the EPUB itself is merely a transitory state for the files in this case, as I'm using the Export to EPUB function more to export a nicely packaged HTML/CSS version of my InDesign files, with images included. Ultimately, these files are not being used as EPUBs, but rather being extracted by a developer company and processed to be slotted into a Web interface they've created for my company. As I said in my original post, the method used by the developer company to do this processing expects the same file structure as found in all the other EPUBs we've sent so far, however this particular set has a different structure, since it's lacking the Text file. I've tried setting InDesign to automatically opening the file in Sigil post-export, and setting it to not auto-open, and haven't found any difference in the resulting EPUB structure. Thanks for the input, though, I do appreciate it.

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The bottom line is that you'll need to create your own Text folder inside the OEBPS folder with an EPUB editor. This is not something InDesign does.


                For example, when Gabriel Powell has taught webinars on www.cs-magic.com about creating EPUB from InDesign, or when co-taught a session at Pepcon last week, this is the dialog they used to show typical export from InDesign. (This shows CS5 and 5.5, in CS6 the CSS is placed in "css" folder since CS6 how supports multiple CSS files.)




                I've never seen a Text folder created by InDesign.

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                  ARHarter Level 1

                  Huh, weird. I wonder how the folders ended up there for all the other sets we did! I doubt they're something Sigil added in, since Sigil isn't adding them for this problem set, so it just seems odd that they're showing up out of nowhere. As it is, I think we've reached an agreement with the developer where they'll implement something in their code so that it will automatically created the Text file and drop the HTML files in there, so I guess it's no longer an issue.


                  Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.