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    Adobe Dynamic Link between Premiere Pro 6 and After Effects won't refresh

    marq5.1 Level 1



      I needed to make changes to a recently finished 5.5 project. It was my first attempt at using the Adobe Dynamic Link function which basically treats a Ae composition as if it were a sub comp (or nested sequence) in Pr. This worked pretty good in Pr 5.5, all changes I made to the Ae 5.5 comp were quickly updated (or refreshed) in the nested sequence in Pr 5.5.


      Unfortunately, in the mean time I had updating to Pr 6 and Ae 6. There were several issues with the converted Ae 6 project (previous animation presets were not working anymore). I fixed these fairly easily by adding the presets again from the the effects pallet, the key frames worked still miraculously.


      The more annoying issue was that the refreshing of changes made in Ae were not showing up in the Pr project. They where there, but not visible. When exported the exported sequence's changes matched those from the Ae comp.


      I couldn't find a command to empty the render cache in Pr, so I just trashed the render files from the finder level (the folder with the render files is in the same path as the project file). That worked. I had to rerender everything, but at least the changes from Ae were visible. I have reported this as a bug.