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    How do I activate my Mantano Reader Premium


      I have been using Mantano Reader Premium on an android tablet and every time I remove the SD card I have to re-enter the DRM activation code. I kept re-entering this thinking I must need to do it each time I wanted to read my book but now I am being told that I have exceeded my activations. I have uninstalled Mantano Reader and want to try a different ereader but I can't activate the tablet to do this. I am not getting the answer I need from any of the forums. I can't submit a case as all attempts at navigating the adobe site do not lead me to a place where I can do this. I live in Australia and cannot afford to make calls to the U.S.A. to solve this, nor does it seem fair that it is so difficult to have the activation reset. I have only two devices that I use this on, my mac laptop and my android tablet. Could I please have my activation rest or a useful answer to my dilemma.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Branched out this discussion as it is unrelated to activating Adobe Creative desktop software activation and have moved the discussion the Adobe Digital Editions forum.

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            The issue you're having relates to the way the reader processes content.

            It's not an Adobe issue per se.  And it comes from the way that digital

            rights have been implemented in that particular program set.  So, the

            question of 'fairness' isn't relevant.


            Resetting the Adobe Digital Editions activation count can be done only by

            the Adobe help desk.  Since a phone call is out of the question, try the

            Adobe CHAT feature.  Be persistent: unfortunately, lots of the Adobe tech

            support people don't know how to do this or even whether they should, as

            ADE is a free product.  Be persistent!


            Good luck!