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    Current sweet spot in GTX-4xx to -6xx graphics card?

    Burk Wagner Level 1

      I am looking at graphics cards options for a new LGA-2011 rig. I was tempted to upgrade my GTX-470 for a GTX-670, but got confused by reviews downplaying the 'computational power' of the latter. Issues of heat generation, power consumption, video memory, and balance among hardware components obviously matter, and should be part of the selection process.

      But I can get a -470 for $200 less than a -6xx card, especially with -4xx and -5xx cards flooding the resale market from gamers who are upgrading their video cards. It took Harm quite some time to conclude from PPBM data that more pipes may provide 'some' improvement is CUDA performance. Is an upgrade to the GTX-670 video card cost effective?