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    How to merge Layers without losing layer mask?


      I'm trying to save a file that looks great in Photoshop and preserve it as a PNG. I'll create the image, simply "merge layers" and lose the transparency of it. How do I get my PNG to look like it does in photoshop.


      The red background show through in photoshop originally...but then after "merge layers" or saving the PNG every way possible (or so I think)... the degree of transparency isn't preserved.


      Below looks great. (red bleeds through nicely, good transparency)

      Picture 1.png


      Now doesn't look so good. (all i did was merge layers and red doesn't bleed through properly anymore, same result when saving as png)

      Picture 2.png



      I'm a beginner with photoshop, so keep that in mind with any solution reccomendations.