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    Will Authortime shared assets be cached when using Incremental Compilation?

    midimid Level 1

      I'm learning about some new CS5.5 features (also found in CS6).


      I have some projects with extremely large filesizes because of embedded videos (its not an option to break these out externally - long story). Some compiled SWFs can reach 120MB+


      CS5.5 adds a feature where you can share an asset between two FLAs. My thought is to put each embedded videos in their own separate FLA files to speed up saving and editing.


      Secondly, CS5.5 adds a feature called "Incremental Compilation" - you can set a cache size in the "Publish Cache" Preference setting. I haven't tried this yet, but I would think it would greatly improve rendering time when testing this movie. I have a machine with 16GB of RAM.


      My question is if I use the Shared Asset feature, will it still be cached by incremental compilation?