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    Can't Record to firewire deck...

    Eric Addison User Group Manager

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm having some major issues trying to record a DV-AVI file out to my DSR-11 DVCAM deck. If I try to export to tape in CS6 (not using a third party card) it will only play about 2 seconds then stop (the clip is an hour long), and CS5.5 on the same system plays it back fine for awhile before it drops the signal for a second or two,then picks back up again. I also see the signal dropping issue in CS6 as well.


      I've tried hooking up my DVX-100B to the firewire port, and it's getting bad looking stuff too. I've also tried re-installing the firewire port drivers...this is on a Z800 Windows 7, 24GB RAM.


      I seem to be able to capture fine - I used CS6 to capture the hour long program, but I can't get it to roll back out to another tape....didn't I go tapeless so I wouldn't have to deal with this stuff??


      Is there anything I should know about bugs regarding DV / firewire useage with CS6 and/or CS5.5 installed on the same machine?