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    AE CS 6 freeze after camera tracking

    alexxhg Level 1

      camera tracking used and finished.

      After seeing the trackingpoints, when I move quickly with mouse or pen through the points AEX freezes.
      clicking on the AEX Icon in taskbar (minimizing) and back brings a white screen. klicking the right mousebutton on the AEX Icon and choosing AE CS6 brings back the program.
      When I move very very slow through the trackingpoints, than no freeze.
      As soon as I make a fast or normal movement through the tackpoints AEx freezes.

      For troubleshooting I started here: kb405948.changed several settings in nVidia panel. no luck.
      tried full quality/ all settings in the preview tab. (fast preview etc).
      Freeze even happens when  the camera tracked layer is switched off and only the trackpoints are visible on the screen.
      Any help is very appreciated.




      INTEL i7 3930K 3,2
      RAM 32GB
      Diskcache: exclusively for AEX 128GB SSD
      GPU INFO:
      Fast Draft: Available
      Texture Memory: 2200,00 MB
      Ray-tracing: GPU

      Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
      Device: GeForce GTX 580/PCIe/SSE2
      Version: 3.0.0
      Total Memory: 2,96 GB
      Shader Model: 4.0 or later
      Driver Version: 4.2
      Devices: 1 (GeForce GTX 580)
      Current Usable Memory: 2,79 GB (at application launch)
      Maximum Usable Memory: 3,00 GB

      CS6 Trial.
      3rd PArty/ RedGiant MB Suite/Trapcode/SyntheticAp-TestGear

      using epic 4KHD Raw file

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          using epic 4KHD Raw file


          Try downsizing it and solve the smaller version, then substitute your full res files and copy&paste the camera. Possibly just an combination of evil at work here producing too many markers. Also you could try using a TIFF sequence. That would further minimize any possible memory issues and may circumvent potential leaks in RAW/ RED handling as well...



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            alexxhg Level 1

            Hello Mylenium,


            thanks, but unfortunately this isn´t the reason, we just tried it with a DSLR footage, and the same issue. (1080p/25)

            any other suggestions?

            Could it be an OpenGL isssue?





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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Mmh, sounds weird. From my few tests it worked just fine. Have you adjusted the options for the solve, e.g. going from fixed focus to variable zoom? Also, what if you simply delete the tracker after the camera and whatever Null objects you want have been created?



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                How long is the shot you're trying to track? How noisy is the footage. Noise from low light or high ISO settings, compression artifacts, and excessive camera movement slow down the camera tracker. Good footage = good tracks. Highly compressed, noisy, shaky footage with a lot of motion blur is going to cause lots of problems solving for the camera. There is a limit on what can be accomplished no matter what kind of camera tracking software you use. You might think about posting the clip to YouTube and let us give it a look.

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                  alexxhg Level 1



                  checked all settings, tracking itself works perfectly. The problem only occurs when the trackingpoints are visible. I deleted more than 3/4 of the points but the same problem. As soon as I drive to fast (mouse or pen) through the points to select the right one in my comp-window (bulls eye), AE freezes.

                  assembling Null objects and footage to the trackingpoints is no problem. works perfect.

                  For me I´ve the feeling it´s a GUI Problem.




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                    alexxhg Level 1

                    Can anyone help me?

                    Tried further things. tried my graphicscard in different slots, deinstalled nVidia, reinstalled...no change.

                    I´ve this problem only with AEX. what is wrong here. noticed that on older different projects I get also a freeze,

                    i.e. when I make a new layer and later want to change the layer properties(ctrl+shift+y).

                    when changing the color aex freezes. clicking on the AEX Button in the taskbar several times brings AEX back to life.