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      I have the cflayout area with 2 tabs.

      tab1: form for user to enter information into the table.

      tab2: list all records from the table.


      From second tab, click the record id link then it displays the details on the form from tab1.

      Look at the code i have on the form.cfm page below.  From list.cfm page, if i have SOURCE="form.cfm" then url.CFGRIDKEY is defined, but if i change SOURCE= "tab.cfm" then url.CFGRIDKEY is not defined.  However, either way, the debug still show

      URL Parameters:




      Why is that happened and what should i do?



      <cfajaximport tags="CFINPUT-AUTOSUGGEST, cflayout-tab,cfform,cfinput-datefield,cfgrid ">


          <CFLAYOUTAREA NAME="tab1" TITLE=" Entry Form" SOURCE="form.cfm"></CFLAYOUTAREA>

          <CFLAYOUTAREA NAME="tab2" TITLE=" Lists"  SOURCE="list.cfm"></CFLAYOUTAREA>




      <cfgridcolumn name="id" header="Message ID" width="50" href="tab.cfm?action=edit" hrefkey="id" />




      <cfif isdefined("url.CFGRIDKEY")>