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    Numbered List Loses Style

      I have numbered lists assigned Tahoma font style. However, when I generate the WebHelp files and view the topic w/in an IE7 browser, the number changed to a Times New Roman font style. I'm not sure why this is happening.
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          First, please do not post your topic in multiple forums.

          The TNR font is the default that IE uses when it has received either no format instructions, or conflicting format instructions. Are you using an external style sheet (e.g., MyStyleSheet.css)? How, exactly, have you "assigned Tahoma font style" to your numbered lists? All things being equal, numbered lists will usually take on the font style assigned to the <p> tag or the <body> tag, if any.

          As you can see, this is not a simple issue. Try a quick test:

          1. Create two paragraphs (one or more words each).
          2. Select the two paragraphs.
          3. Click Numbered List on the RH toolbar.
          4. What do you get when you generate your WebHelp?

          Good luck,