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    Flagging Post?

    Lynda-S Level 4

      Maybe I am missing this and just need it pointed out but is there a way to flag someone's post? The main reason I ask is because occasionally I will come across a post that would be better in another forum that the forum I see it in. And of course if there are ever spam or other type of messages that are not appropriate for the forums.


      Edit: I missed the report abuse on the right hand side (was looking at my post not another) but that still leaves me with the question of how do I flag a message that would be better suited for another forum that the one posted in?

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          pwillener Level 8

          On the initial post, as you have noticed, the 'Report Abuse' link is under Actions on the right.


          All follow-up posts have a gray 'Report' link on the top-right of each post.


          Not very good color scheme; gray-on-light-gray...

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            Lynda-S Level 4

            I think that is why I missed it the first time. But the report functionality is for abuse. I guess I could report and make the comment that I feel this would be better in such and such forum. They need to add a flag that would allow me to flag as not abusive but as in the wrong category.

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              Phillip M Jones Level 4

              Pat Willener wrote:

              Not very good color scheme; gray-on-light-gray...

              Actually it Black with Gray on Gray, with touches of Orange, and Green, and Powder (or Carolina Blue), a Bright Red Adobe Icon.


              I'd ditch the Greys alltogether for white


              Keep the Top Strip and side Strip Black remove the Gray around the Forum Titles (just black and White


              Keep the Blue for the buttons.


              And keep the green  make it a brighter green and Yellow on Black for legend  (Correct and helpful)


              and the indicator for having Private messages should change from normal type Black to Bold Black not a very bright Orange bolded.


              The way the site looks it looks like a Goth Site; evil, Brooding, and despondent.

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                Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                If you find a post which is clearly in the wrong place, use the Report button and assign it to "general abuse" with a note about why you're making the report. We can then see what to do with it.


                Replying to the message with "you should post that in the ABC forum instead" doesn't help all that much, as it leads to duplicate threads. Wherever we find something that needs moving we will, though we can't read every message.