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    cfhttp timeout attempt on initial attempts

      I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem for one of the developers here. She is trying to connect to another web host we have using cfhttp. The connection is timing out. I do not see the connection attempt being made in the logs of the destination server.

      But, if we attempt to do a ssh connection from the host to the destination server the connection suddenly starts to work. Yesterday the server was rebooted and the same thing happened. The http connection is not done, but starts to work when a ssh connection from the server to the destination host is attempted. So we know that it's not a network issue.

      Any ideas why the Cold Fusion server cannot locate the destination without the server previously connecting to the remote host via another transport?

      This is a Cold Fusion MX 7 server running on Solaris via WebLogic 8. I'm not a Cold Fusion person, so let me know if you need more info.

      Thanks for any help.