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    Temperature Question

    KimberlyGabriel Level 1

      This has puzzled me for a couple of years, hesitant to ask because it might be borderline ridiculous but since it is the same story in CS6 and new Bridge/Camera Raw, I just have to ask. Every thing I have seen (books, tutorials, videos) shows the temperature (under Basic and just beneath White Temperature) as a 4 digit number. Mine is just -100 to 100. No 4 digits. I am not so silly that I don't understand that I get a full range of temperatures available (it is all relative. I get that). But it is making me crazy that everyone else on the planet appears to have 4 digits and I don't. Does anyone know why this is so for me? Not quite up there with how they get the caramel in the Caramilk Bar but truly an itch I am dying to scratch.