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    Harddisk usage/space problem with Premiere Pro CS6 trial

    Manne.M Level 1



      a few days ago I installed Premiere Pro CS6 trial on my C:\ drive (about 9GB free space of which 2GB or 3GB was needed for installation). After launching Premiere I changed all preferences for scratch disks etc. to my D:\ drive. I've been editing yesterday and I saw that my C:\ drive was completly full, only 1MB left. Didn't install/changed anything to my PC, just have been editing.


      So finally I decided to uninstall Premiere altogether and reinstall it at D:\. Turns out that after uninstalling I suddenly have only 2,2GB left of the original 9GB before installation! So it seems that some temp files are still somewhere (even though  all my other temp settings like Windows Temp folder are also located at D: ).


      I'm starting to get a bit fed up right now, because there's no transparacy in what Premiere has done during installation and why, after uninstallation, it still takes up about 5GB on my precious SSD space


      Any help  is greatly appreciated!


      EDIT: after installing it on D:\ yet again my available disk space went down from 2,2GB to 1,3GB on C:\. So Premiere is taking up about 8GB on a disk I haven't installed it on and is not used for scratch disks.