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    AE CS6 - Save Frame to Photoshop Error


      When attempting to export a single frame for Photoshop via Composition -> Save Frame As... -> File and selecting .PSD as the output type, the render is added to my list using the Output Module: Photoshop.


      When I execute the render I get the following error:


      After Effects error: Note enough memory to initialize PSL.

      (83 :: 8)


      This is as a regular user (home system, no domain). However, if I run AE as Administrator, the command works.


      I'm running AE CS6 under Windows 7 x64 as part of Creative Cloud install. I have deleted my preferences for AE, and moved the cache to a location where I have full permissions.


      Similarly, if I try Composition -> Save Frame As... -> Photoshop Layers AE crashes hard with the following error:


      5-19-2012 2-38-13 PM.png


      Again, Run as Administrator and it works fine. I have installed the CS apps to my D: drive as C: is a small SSD. Curious if anyone else has seen this issue before.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There seems to be an issue with this stuff even in Photoshop itself (or Bridge, to be specific). There's an endlessly long thread on admin privileges being required over in the PS forum. This could be related. Also your second error seems to point to something with audio, so perhaps if you remove whatever audio you use in your project, it may work. Not sure what else to advise...