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    CS5.5 hangs on file import


      I have been using PP for several versions and have never experienced any major issues until now.  At some point in the last few weeks (cannot link it to a recent PP update, but that may be the case) I have started having extreme problems when importing files.  It started on my laptop, then I experienced the same problem on my desktop.


      I nearly always import .mov files and have had no problems in the past.  Now PP hangs randomly on file import.  It seems to work more often than not if I import one file at a time, but even then it may stop randomly on a file.  If I restart it may successfully import the file it stopped on, or it may crash again.  It is impossible to import a large batch of files at once, so working on a large project is now almost impossible.  I cannot see anything in this forum that relates to it.  I am running Windows 7 an PP version 5.5.0.  In addition my laptop version randomly shows 'pending' against different files - this changes to other files if I re-start.  If I try to re-link it can also cause a hang.


      One other change in my workflow.  I have switched from a Canon 5D mark II to a mark III.  But I can read and edit the files succesfully and play them in other applications, just as with the mark II.  But even with the mark III I successfully imported my first batch of files about a month ago and had no problems whatsoever.


      Any ideas?

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          I have been researching this further.  There is a possibility that this is related to the new container format in the 5D mark III.  This camera now allows high or low compression .mov files to be created.  In the mark II they were all low compression.  The last batch that I created was high compression.  It is possible that PP is having trouble with these.  It still randomly rejects files and randomly reports some as being off-line, yet the next time I connect they are back on-line.  I created a batch of 10 with low compression and they loaded correctly, but have not tested this with a large batch of real files.  I am also checking with Canon to see what has changed.


          If anyone has any further advice or experience I'd be grateful.  In the meantime it seems that the only way I can safely process these files is to run them all through the media encode and convert them to mp4 or something similar.


          Further update


          I am gradually answering my own question here.  For anyone with a Canon 5D mark III you might be interested.


          • First batch of footage shot on 5D mk III set to 1080P high compression.  This caused PP and Media Encode (ME) to crash frequently.  Even footage already loaded came back with an off-line message randomly.
          • Test set of footage shot on 5D mk II worked perfectly in the same project.  There are no compression options on the mk II.
          • Could not convert original batch with ME so used MPEG Streamclip to convert the batch of 100+.  Conversion worked first time.  Import into PP worked perfectly.
          • Shot a test batch of 10 with the mk III in low compression and they all imported with no problems.


          This points to an incompatibility between PP/ME and the new 5D mk III low compression format files.  I'll report this as a bug to Adobe.  I have already reported it to Canon.

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            Please help... Before anyone asks, my CPU is built above the Premiere specs but doesn't play nice with the mark III files. It is extremely slow and choppy even though I have an Intel i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 580, and even RAIDs set up. It is truly an awesome system. What am I doing wrong? My CPU locks up/freezes, fails to sync files to online as stated in your post, takes forever to render, etc. ME also crashes on 3 or more files. I have the correct project setting like DSLR 24fps, etc. but is there any other setting I am missing? Editing the native files is ideal because MPEGs look horrible...but I can't win. What confuses me is that there's no one else really complaining about this online. There are no "best mark III workflow" videos out... No "here's how to edit Mark III video"... no "hey how are the other guys doing this" video, help help help!!!!!!!

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              I heard from Canon that there had been issues such as mine with mark III files on PCs, but not on a Mac.  It seems that they are investigating.  In the meantime my system works by using the non-compressed format in the camera.  Just go to your video file setup and make sure that you choose this version for your 24P file type.  If you use the heavily compressed format you will experience the issues that you described.  I have been editing mark II files since 2008 and have had no problems since the Mercury playback engine was released.  With the low compressions mark III files I have similar performance to the mark II files.  I just use the standard template for a DSLR when creating a new sequence and everything works fine with native files.  I never convert them for editing (other than when forced to do so due to the above problem).


              I hope that this helps.