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    Cant install the latest flash player. Can someone help?


      I have window vista


      IE 8

      Cipher strength 256 bit




      IE 8 64 bit edition

      cipher strength 256


      Any video I try to watch only shows a black screen.It's been like this for a week now. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall but still no luck. I pretty much have tried everything in the forums here still no luck.


      I did find out I downloaded babylon toolbar which was adware, it also added the adware ezula. Anyway I got rid of all the bad ad-ons  and still cant get the flash player.


      First i couldnt dowload at all but I got around that. Then it downloaded but wouldnt confirm the download but I got around that. Now it said I had no administrator permission and I followed the proper way to do that which was running it as administrator.


      I've followed every troubleshooting and  here I am still unable to see videos or pictures.  I'm no computer genuis but I've done everything I could do. Can somebody please help me before I lose my mind!