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    HDR pro

    rileytsang Level 1

      HDR pro in CS6 keeps on giving me a black screen whenever I try to merge images. Anyone know why?

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          Meredith Payne Stotzner Adobe Employee

          From March 2012 Forum thread





          There are some 32-bit XP-specific issues we're addressing before shipping that are related to memory.

          I'm pretty sure that's the issue you're running into. I'm sorry for the trouble it's causing you.


          Here are some suggestions to work around the issue. In the meantime, we'll work on helping XP-32 & Photoshop play nicely.

          • Try a different memory setting (65%-ish. Try to give Photoshop ~1G and leave the rest to the system). Restart.
          • Quit unnecessary applications.
          • Try quitting Bridge and running Merge to HDR from File > Automate > Merge to HDR
          • Other things to test out in the Performance Preference panel

                   •  Try a larger or the largest Tile Size - you've got it set to smallest. Not sure which is better for this case.        

               •  Try lowering History States to 5. 


          Other, less likely, suspects:

          • Corrupt prefs: Reset preference file: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4209421#4209421
          • Same-named drive: Be sure there is no other directory is named identically to a folder in the Photoshop app path.
          • Conflict with "Open Documents as Tabs = OFF" Prefrence (Interface) setting.


          Please let us know what ends up working best for your system.