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    Another Preference Question

    SIcsempertyrannis Level 1

      Sorry for another basic preference question, but Ive not run into this problem B4. And, since I am setting preferences for my InDesign programs both at home, and at work, and am having the same problem on both machines I have concluded that Im doing something wrong.


      Using CS5, I'm having a hell of a time getting my kerning prefs to work the way that I want. With all windows closed... I set my shortcut keys as command->option-> shift colon (or quotes) to either decrease or increase kerning. I set the keyboard increment to 6/1000 em. This works fine if Im creating a new doc. If I go to a doc that's already created it does not work. It increases and decrease the kerning according to the defalult of that doc. It only does this for the kerning. All other shortcuts work as I set them.


      I tried trashing prefs in system folder from various locations mentioned on this forum, and starting from scratch, but still no dice. Is there somethng else that I need to change? Thanks for any help w/this.