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    Buying new/updated software

    ShoppingtheArt Level 1

      I have a few Adobe products sitting around since I received them for college purposes, which meant they had "Education" typed on the boxes.

      Question one: Now I've assumed that since they are educational/student products, that means I am not allowed to create a piece of work and then sell said piece for money. Correct? For example, if I was create an elaborate or simplistic piece of wallpaper or artwork, and then said for a certain price, $30, you can own this piece,that would be considered illegal, correct?


      Question two: IF I end up buying the newest versions, say CS6 for Photoshop and Illustrator, what licencing purposes would I get? Would they be software that a had a license that would allow me to create something and then sell it off for somebody else to use in their project or for personal needs?

      Going back to the previous example, would that no longer be considered illegal and therefore a break of the "Educational" licence terms?