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    Debug event: Keyframes


      I have encountered a bug in Premiere Elements 10.0:


      I was editing a movie project, saved it, exited Elements, then tried to reopen it and got the error message


      Premiere Elements Debug Event


      Premiere Elements has encountered an error:




      Looking at my history of auto-saves, I found that the three most recent auto-saves showed the same error, the fourth one could be opened OK. That version was at the state of the project I had before starting to add DVD menus to it.


      Looking further at the project files (prompted by this forum entry: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4038119 and the strange solution proposed by it: using Perl to replace certain commas with dots), I found a striking difference between the last working and the first non-working solution:


      In the file that couldn't be opened, all decimal numbers in <StartKeyframe> and <Keyframe> tags had been saved incorrectly.


      For example, a line like




      had become




      Obviously, PE was using the current locale's (Germany) settings for the decimal point (which is a comma) to save those values instead of the dot it needed to be able to reopen the file.


      So I first tried the solution in the above post, but I found that the regex provided there didn't catch all the incorrect commas. I tried it again with the regex




      replacing every comma that was either followed by another comma or an opening angle bracket or a decimal fraction (all of which are > 10 digits) with a dot.


      This looks like it fixed this problem (at least now there were no differences in the decimals between those two versions when I compared them with Beyond Compare), but the file still refused to open (with the same error message). Of course there are still >2100 differences between the two files (there are about 20 minutes of editing between them), but after looking at about 100 of those, I didn't find anything that looked suspicious (at least nothing in the vicinity of "keyframes"). But of course I don't know if I'm looking for the right thing.


      So is there any way to check for other errors that make the file invalid? Any hints?


      Also, how come this bug is still there (it looks like it exists since PE 8)?


      Thanks and best regards,


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          tim.pietzcker Level 1

          Ah, drat. Posted too soon: I have "fixed it"!  On the other hand, maybe others can profit from this solution:


          What I had overlooked: There appears to be one case where a decimal number has less than 10 decimal digits, and that's when that decimal number is 0.5. (I'm worrying a bit that there might be other exceptions, but I haven't found any in my files).


          So, the following solution worked for me, allowing me to open the project successfully:


          Using a decent text editor (one that supports regular expressions with lookahead assertions, for example EditPadPro or UltraEdit (when setting it to Perl regex mode), search for




          and replace all with a single dot (.)


          This regex searches for a comma that is either followed by another comma, an opening angle bracket, a decimal fraction of at least 10 digits, or the number 5 (but only if that comma is preceded by the single digit 0).


          This allows me to open the project again. However, as soon as I save it again, the file gets corrupted again.


          Interestingly (and possibly related), when I try to open the (repaired) file, a PE information window appears ("PE is updating a component. Information is being transmitted..." or something like that in German) and a Windows 7 UAC dialog pops up, asking me to allow the Windows Regserver to modify my system. It doesn't matter whether I allow or deny that request (which appears twice in succession, by the way), as soon as I save the file again, it's corrupted.


          The commands that are asked to be executed are:


          C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe /s "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\mc_dec_mpa_ds.ax" "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\mc_dec_mp2v_ds.ax"




          C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe /s "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\32\mc_dec_mpa_ds.ax" "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\32\mc_dec_mp2v_ds.ax"




          But at least I can now re-open that file after "fixing" it.


          Still it would be nice if Adobe could fix this problem. Is this the right place where Adobe technicians will read it and act on it, or do I have to do something else?


          Some system information: Windows 7 Pro 64bit with all current patches, 64-version of PE 10.0 installed.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            We're just fellow users on this forum, not programmers.


            So it might be easier if you just telling what you were doing with which format of video and then what happened.


            All that code might as well be hieroglyphics to most of us!

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              tim.pietzcker Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              thanks for the info - the forum thread I linked to above gave me the impression that at least some Adobe employees (e. g. a helpful fellow with the nick PRE_help) frequent this forum.


              I hadn't been doing anything fancy - just putting some clips from my EOS 5D Mark II together, trimming them a bit, playing a bit with the audio levels and adding a couple of soft fades between clips, then applying the "Broadway" DVD menu scheme to it and editing the button names and keyframes on that.


              But the corrupted .prel files I'm seeing are definitely the result of a localization bug.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                There are a few Adobe employees, who drop by, from time to time. However, the frequency of their visits is variable - we might see three in a day, or go a week, with no employee interaction.


                I would guess that right now, most are involved in the development of PrE 11, which will likely be released in Sept-Oct of 2012. Some might "take a break," and read/respond to some threads, especially if they suspect that they might be useful to the on-going development of PrE 11. Remember, however, that is but a guess on my part.


                Good luck,