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      I am trying to do a split scren transition, but I need help, I used masks but it doesn't work like I want.


      Download project - https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B-m4mJ8o8Oh2NGhJV1V5YU1acDg



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          bogiesan Level 4

          "Doesn't work like I want" doesn't work like we need.

          What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish?

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            phildunphy Level 1



            I want to use four videos in one like here, but I dont want scale them, just using shapes for cut off the rest of the image without losing quality.


            Is there a tutorial for do this?



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              bogiesan Level 4

              You only need to create one mask. Key modifiers will allow you to draw a perfectly proportional rectangle. Once you have one mask, you can copy and paste it to the other layers and reposition it.

              I see you are attempting to create some kind of movie from your captured game. After Effects would not be the best choice for your creation because of the complexity and endless options at your displosal which terribly complicate what appears to be a basic project. There seem to be multiple view combining apps made specfically for your needs for specific capture codecs and output formats but I've never used any of them. Probably easily researched on gaming forums.

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                phildunphy Level 1

                Thanks, it works perfectly!



                Yes, I know, but using game engine it's fun and a great way to learn, also, the awesome effects are atractive for want to learn.



                I did it as you say, here is the result using a trailer from a game:



                There was a little problem with the resolution because it doesn't work well when I download the videos from YouTube.