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    timecode.ccp-1014 error  You're my last hope adobe forums.

    mo0gs Level 1

      Ok, first of all.


      Windows 7

      6 core

      nvidia gt 460


      and cs6 demo production premium. (STILL waiting on my email for my serial number too wink wink.)


      Ok, I imported a file OVER to Premiere pro from AE.  Had been working on a personal project which has taken me about 5 nights to do.  Once this AE file has been imported everything went to crap.  Now, I can still work in there.  But if I so much as scroll down to where this ae project is on I get this error "timecode.ccp-1014."  Thats cool. I MIGHT still be able to complete this with this still on but would rather not.  Its just selecting clips from my project panel has become massively annoying.  Importing AE clips is now impossible.  I cant click on it, I cant trash it and cant find a way to remove it without turning on PP.  I have taken it offline, I have skipped it during load up, but it still shows up and shuts down PP when it gets a chance.  Besides THIS I am loving CS6 Premium Production.  Can anyone help me out there?