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    Color Shifting when exporting AVID DNxHD

    SpaceCherryFilms Level 1

      Hey everybody,


      I'm stuck.  I have been have warp stabilization problems in Premeire CS6, so now Im using AE to do the work.

      Im noticing that when I export my clips using Quicktime - Codec DNxHD, 1080p, 23.976, 175, 10 bit. Color Space 709


      When I re-import the clip back into Premiere the colors are darker.  I'm not putting the clips into another program,

      just render files out of Premeire (DNxHD) and import them back in.


      I really need help, I'm having to manually color correct the footage to match the original footage.


      The project footage is Canon 7D H264.  Plus Premeire CS5 didn't have this issue.