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    Deleted a crucial layer accidentally!


      I am working with cs5 Indesign. The printer asked for a format change. That was fine. As I was about to close the document I scanned the various pages and realized that there was a number of horrible deletions that occured somewhere along the process of working. Now 2 days later I am assessing the real extent of the self-inflicted damage.


      1. I somehow deleted a crucial layer: a small box and number that runs throughout the document to identify photos.

      2. Several 2 page spreads are empty of photos. And several pages have 1 or 2 photos missing.


      I'd like to do the following:

      1. Copy the layer that contains the small box and numbers from a separate version of the same project (a previous version) into the most current project version. I have already pasted one layer into place from one to the other but it brings both the images and the numbered boxes as well.


      ALSO, is there a way to see previous versions? I'd really like to go to my last saved version of the current project from Friday evening at about 5 o'clock. Is there a history function available with InDesign like some of the video projects I work with?


      Thanks for any assistance.