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    Sound effect muffles/is louder than the other audio layers


      In my most recent short movie, I decided that I would focus a lot more on sound than I normally do, so bought a microphone, a recorder and a boom pole etc. I also decided to implement more sound effects.


      Here's the video:



      Note that at about 0:10 seconds in, you can hear an alarm ringing, but also a sort of 'thump' sound (It's actually the sound of a vault opening/closing). You couldn't hear it normally, so I turned the bass up on it to 17dB. When playing it back in the timeline, it sounds perfectly fine, but when I export the video, much like the attached one, it's muffled and you can't hear the alarm or anything else.


      Unfortunately I didn't have time to try and fix it, also that scene takes a while to export so I couldn't quite do any trial and error.


      Now however, I'm going to enter the video into a small competition, so I thought I'd try and fix it...because it does sound terrible/unprofessional.


      Any suggestions? Remember, it sounds perfect (In my opinion) when playing it back in the timeline. I'm using Premiere Pro CS5.5 on an 11,2 (October 2010) iMac running Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8, it's also being exported to a G-Drive FireWire 800 hard drive, not a RAID, perhaps that could be a problem?