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    Animated fullscreen background - to spritesheet or not to spritesheet?


      I'm wondering the best way to do this on a mobile platform


      I have a background made up of multiple movieclips vectors and 3d elements and want to convert every frame to a bitmap (24 frames in total)

      it cannot be tweened because there are different complex bitmaps and vectors on every frame that cant be animated


      also parts of this background are outside the stage that move in, can i single out the area of the image i want to save or would I have to edit that manually.


      my options are to

      -cache as bitmap every frame, which would degrade performance horribly, is there a way to cache these frames before the animation plays? in a loading screen as opposed to at runtime?

      -save individual bitmaps of each frame beforehand, I would then have to do this for every mobile screen size

      -create a sprite sheet that can easily call each frame from a png file, my problem is that 24 frames of 640x960 may exceed the limitations of spritesheets or possible hinder performance