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    Slow Layer Window Performance

    Jesse Toula

      I'm just trying to do some basic mainual motion tracking in AE CS6 and I'm getting really laggy performance from the layer panel. Zooming in and out takes several seconds. When I try to move the track points, they don't move until after I drag, then click somewhere else. The same thing happens when painting a layer, its not just during motion tracking. I would understand if the entire program was running slow, but its just the layer window. Everything else is running as it should.


      Any ideas why this is happening?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Check your "accelerate ... panels" option in the prefs. That may improve matters. If it is already active, then update your graphics driver. Despite all that keep in mind that at some point things will inevitably slow down when there is a certain number of keyframes/ brush strokes.