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    Best workflow for doing a QC check?

    Gobblor Level 1

      Hi all,


      A client wants me to do a technical QC check on video files I receive before editing them. The items they want checked are as follows:


      o   File format (GOP structure, bitrate, wrapper, codec, chroma subsampling)

      o   Macro blocking

      o   Artefacts induced during transfer from VT, frame rate conversion, size or bitrate conversion

      o   Field dominance issues

      o   Chroma/luminance levels

      o   Aspect ratio discrepancies

      o   Flashing/strobing

      o   Frame slicing

      o   Audio levels to EBUR128 recommendation.

      o   Wide dynamic range

      o   Audio distortion, clipping, phasing and dc offset etc


      Most of these are fine, as they can be spotted during manual playback. But what would be the best workflow for monitoring the Chroma/luminance levels? I figured I could turn on the YC waveform and play the clip back through a monitor - but the main issue is keeping an eye on both the picture & the waveform at the same time.


      Can the scopes be set to give me a indication/alarm when a specified peak occurs? The same way audio does when it clips, where you get a red dot on top of the level meter?


      And is there anything else Im overlooking?


      Thanks in advance - cheers!