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    Bone Tool Layer Order? - Bone Not Connected Anymore!


      Hello Folks,

        I have searched for hours, but haven't found the answer. I am using the bone tool in CS5.5 to make an animated character. All of the bones were working properly (the parts pivot and move correctly), but something changed somewhere along the way.

        It seems that the third bone that was added (the pivot point at the neck) became disconnected from the movieclip object. The bones pivot, but the torso stays in place.

        I checked the movements several times while I was adding bones and all seemed well, but things went awry somewhere along the way.


        The order of created bones is: Base pivot point (at belt buckle) - Belly - Neck (the problem area) - Right Clavicle - Left Clavicle -  (then I locked the pivot points at both the Belt Buckle and the Neck) - Head - Right Upper Arm - Right  Forearm - RightHand - Left Upper Arm - Left Forearm - LeftHand - (Then I started the lower half beginning at the Belt Buckle) - Groin center point (I can't seem to lock this joint) - RightThigh - LeftThigh - RightLeg - RightFoot - LeftLeg - Leftfoot.

        After realizing I had a major problem, I started experimenting with layer placement. Depending on the order, the torso wouldn't move along with the bone structure or the torso would move with the bones but the entire character revolved around the BeltBuckle point (while the Groin stayed in place).

        My two questions are:

      1)  Is there any way that I can "reconnect" the bone/pivot point to regain the torso movement?

      2) Based on the above bone configuration, is there a particular stacking order for the layers to make everything operate correctly?


      Thank you so much,