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    [CS4] Can you turn off the auto recover feature




      Sometimes our indesign files will crash, especially when we're trying to resolve cross references across many chapters that are part of a book file.


      Before the crash the cross reference looks like this, notice the blue square brackets.



      After a file crashes and Indesign is restarted we often get this prompt:

      auto recover error.png


      Is there a way to turn this feature off? So we don't get this prompt? I'd prefer to lose a couple of hours work then have the possiblity of the files being damanged if you click on the OK button.


      From experience, if the OK button is clicked then the cross reference numbers look like this below. The blue square brackets are now gone, the functionality of the cross-reference is also gone and we have to type in 'dumb' page numbers.



      We instruct our layout designers not to click the ok button, but sometimes people are on auto pilot and the ok button gets clicked inadvertently.


      Thanks for your thoughts,