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    Can't click drop-down lists in curves adjustment layer

    tunghoy Level 1

      Odd behavior in released x64 version of CS6 for Windows: on my laptop (ASUS G73S with 1.5 gb nVidia GeForce video), when I crop an image, the drop-down menus in a curves adjustment layer become unclickable. But I can still access the RGB channels using the Alt + 3, 4 and 5 shortcuts. This behavior doesn't occur on my workstation, and if I don't crop the image, the drop-down menus work fine. I have the crop tool set to delete pixels. Also, if I apply curves directly (not with an adjustment layer), the dialog box works OK. And the other adjustment layers seem to be working, too. It's only the curves layer that's doing this.


      Any ideas what this could be? I'm wondering if I should report it as a bug.