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    Importing hypertext "url" into Indesign cs5.5 tables


      Hello everyone,


      I'm using InDesign cs5.5 to create a catalogue with articles codes and prices. For each product, I have tables made of about 3 columns and a variable number of lines. On the top of each column I have "article code, description, price". For example "cod. 000001, black pen, € 1,00". I want to export this catalogue as an interactive pdf, let's say that a client clicks on the "000001" code: at this point, i would like the mail manager to open up with a mail message already compiled with all the informations regarding that code (I'm using this: <a href="mailto:mymail@mymail.com?subject=order &BODY= order COD. N. 000001"></a>). to ease the ordering process for the client.

      I can do that by manually linking each piece of text with a hypertext url link, that works fine, but is a real pain. Is there a way to set up an excel file containing in one column all the "commands" and then inserting them as a hypertext link into each tab of the InDesign table without changing the text that is in there?

      I hope I explained myself, thank you for your help :-)