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    Free upgrade to CS6


      I'm really disappointed, in February having heard about the new policy I upgraded from 4 to 5.5 at a cost of 500 GBP, I now find out that had I left it until March I would now be able to get a FREE upgrade to 6 so because I was being a conscientious legal prchaser It's going to cost me 300 GBP. I am stunned, that will be 800 GBP in just two months for upgrades ... what sort of organisation takes the mick like this ... that's after the heavy loading we get in the UK.


      It really has made me think twice about using Adobe, they're just profiteers ... I spen a good while on the telphone this morning to sales and customers service and whilst they were sympathetic said there was nothinh they could do !


      I've spent literally thousands over the years with Adobe but this is a step too far.