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    Disable appData report after submitted to URL




      I have built a form using ES2 that submits HTTP form data to my website. When the Pdf document is embedded in a browser, this works fine, data submits and my site takes over from there.


      The problem I am having is that when the form is opened on the users PC using reader or pro (i.e. not embeded in browser), it produces a report once submitted that details what information has been received server side (or not if not working) either on a new page within Pdf if using pro, or on a local temp folder as HTM.


      This is fine for me when designing my form and checking the information is getting to my site, but useless for the end user when they are clicking "submit" from their desktop and they see a report stating what information has been received by my website.


      How do I suppress the form from showing this message report?


      Many thanks - Andy