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    Have I layed out my magazine correctly and what about the bleed?

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      I have created a 68pp magazine using InDesign CS5.5, I now need to get this to the printers. They apparently need it as a PDF, but I have created as 1,2,3,4,5, etc in pages, if they are to print this and its exported as a PDF will this be correct format for them? What will printing both side of paper I mean.


      I can choose Export>Adobe PDF(Print) and change the PDF Preset before, so in this case should I choose


      'High Quality Print', 'Press Quality', 'X-1a:2001' and so on ?


      There is also the option to 'Package' but I don't think this give a PDF.


      Bascially I need this to be the best quality printable PDF file that I can, what is the BEST option to choose for this?


      Also the front page is an image which is 3mm larger all round than the A5 sizing, do i actually need to do anything with this, add guides or something so that its correctly cut when printed?


      Hope these make sense.