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    Voiceover noice

    Trevor Hughes Level 1

      Hi I am recording vo the first track go great, then the second recoording I get a lot of noice.

      speackers switch of, tried to follow all instruction, but I must still be doing some thing wrong.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Guess you are right.

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            JAKE JONSON Level 1

            Trevor, do some searches in this forum for noise and see if they apply to your particular situation.  If you already have, or don't find anything once you do search, then please provide sufficient, detailed information about what type of audio & computer hardware you're using and what version of Premiere Pro and Operating System you're using. Some information on your technique would also be helpful - i.e., anything you may have done different between the working and non-working sessions. All this will help clue the members of the forum into what may be your issue.

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              Trevor Hughes Level 1

              Ok I have read alll I can about set up and using Vo in PP.

              not much writen.

              With a usb mic attached to the mac pro I have gone to untiy and slectedt it for line in.

              in pp preferrance have slected mute audio in timeline during play back.

              have audio hardwear at defaut setting.

              go to time line switch of all track apart from where the audio will go and record.

              I might get one recording good and it has happen that 3 have come out well I move the play head and then I record again and it'

              really bad audio pick up and I have done nothing else than moved the playhead.

              going gray as I have worked on trying to truble shoot this for the last 8 hours. no kidding I do enjoy troubleshooting but this there is no logic.

              the mic works just fine in fcp in voice so it not the mic it's not drive rutine it has to be a some thing like a BUG.

              Please if you have any idea after this info  please let it flow.



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                You have just lost me. USB mic and a MAC are real turn off's in my book. Hope you find others to help you.

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                  Trevor Hughes Level 1


                  you such a kind fellow and you make me happy with you comittes. but they don't help. oh the mic works just fine in FCP and has done for many years. I could also go mbox but some times you just need to get the job done. and programes like this should work. that what we pay for is'it.



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                    JAKE JONSON Level 1

                    This issue is probably documented somewhere on the net (google is your friend).  You just have to know how to look for it. 


                    The best way to get a handle on this is to probably narrow and characterize the noise you're experiencing - so, what type of noise are you getting?  Also - try (each and) different USB jacks on your computer - they're not all equal.  You may be surprised about that.

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                      Trevor Hughes Level 1

                      Hi there thanks for staying in touch yes been look and searching before coming here, and yes tested 4 other usb ports still no luck but thanks any way.