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    Paragraph styles not overwritten

    B4stien Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      When I import a RTF file with custom paragraph styles into InDesign CS5.5 (Magma Heading, Magma Body, ...), modify those styles in inDesign, and then import a second RTF file with those same styles, instead of getting the changes applied, inDesign creates a new set of styles (Magma Heading_rtf_1, Magma Body_rtf_1, ... )




      When my colleague performs the same manipulation the styles are preserved, and the changes he's made to the paragraph within InDesign are applied to any new imported text. Is there an option to set to get the styles overwriten on all new imported files?


      EDIT: It's actually not necessary to modify the imported styles to see this behaviour happening.


      Thanks in advance for your help.