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      Trying to use the ArrayFindNoCase function, but it doesnt appear to work on multidimensional arrays?  i.e. only on single dimensioned array?  can anyone confirm this is the case?

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          I am seeing the same thing.  Shame that this post has over 200 views, but no one has an answer.


          I am guessing "no" because every example I have Googled has only one dimension.  Looks like creating a 'fake' query from scratch is the only way to search a multidimensional recordset.

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            Adam Cameron. Level 5

            I think the disconnect you are having here is that you think CFML has multi-dimensional arrays: it doesn't. All it has is arrays that can, themselves, have element values that are also arrays (and so forth).


            So array functions don't operate on multi-dimensional arrays because there's no such thing in CFML.


            The arrayNew() function is a bit misleading because it claims it creates multidimensional arrays, but it doesn't really. For all intents and purposes arrayNew(3) does the same thing as arrayNew(1): creates an empty array.


            If you have this array:


            numbers = [






            You cannot use arrayFInd() on the numbers array to find "tahi", but you could use arrayFind() on numbers[1]. This is no help if you don't know which "sub array" the thing you're finding is in.


            TBH, there's seldom requirement in business type code for multi-dimensional arrays, and where people do use them, they really ought to be using arrays of structs, or arrays of objects, or similar. What's your data structure here? I ask because one can use structFindValue() to find values in structs irrespective of the complexity of said struct.