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    CD burning problem


      I'm getting the following message while I'm trying to create an Instant Movie. any thoughts?


      "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk\DR1

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The first two things that come to my mind, is that you have a problem with the blank media, that you have inserted into the burner/multi-drive, or that there is a problem with the firmware of that burner/multi-drive.


          • What brand and type of blank media are you using?
          • Is it blank?
          • When you check on the mfgr's. Web site, is there a newer firmware available? If so, before you install newer firmware, be very sure to read the instructions, and follow them 100%.
          • I would also check in Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager for the CD/DVD drives, and check that all is correct there, with drivers and connections, etc.


          Good luck,



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Some of the below is for Encore, but still an Adobe product so the IDEA is the same


            Encore "No Drive" Error http://forums.adobe.com/thread/569230


            Things and Software to AVOID when authoring/burning a DVD


            Start --> http://forums.adobe.com/thread/608660

            #2 has WHY Explained http://forums.adobe.com/thread/607390

            Plus http://forums.adobe.com/thread/562941


            Create an ISO (Encore) or folder on your hard drive (Encore or Premiere Elements) and then use the FREE http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download to write files or folders or ISO to disc for DVD or BluRay (send the author a PayPal donation if you like his program)


            Imgburn will read the ACTUAL disc brand from the disc, which is not always the same as the box label (Memorex is notorious for buying "anything" and putting it inside a Memorex box)


            When you write to disc with Imgburn, use the SLOWEST possible speed setting, so your burner has the best chance to create "good, well formed" laser burn holes... since no DVD player is required to read a burned disc, having a "good" one from a high quality blank will help