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    Flash files seem blank but export successfully?

    V. Vincent


      This might be a very obvious question but I appreciate any help. I get a lot of Flash files at work to make small edits to such as changing background color, slowing down an animation sequence, etc. Usually I get files that are fully layered and the timeline/keyframes show up when I open the file; I can scrub through and edit layers. Sometimes I get files that look blank when I open them, and only a few layers show up, and the timeline has no keyframes or anything. However, when I export a swf or a test movie, they have all the content I thought was missing and cannot find to edit in the file. Were these created in an older version of Flash or something? Am I missing some totally obvious unlock/edit mode trick?


      Not sure I'm articulating this the best way, but I appreciate any thoughts. I'm using Flash 5.5 on a Mac and as you can probably tell, have not been using Flash very long.