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    Words lost in text import from Word


      Since I use InDesign 5.5, sometimes (italic) words get lost after text import from MS Office Word. E.g. single words like magazine titles or book titles disappear, leaving only blank spaces or comma's that were behind them. That is the most obvious way to detect that something goes wrong.

      I always use text import options 'keep style names' and 'use InDesign style features'.


      Perhaps this problem is familiar to this feature that I came across lately: I imported text from Word, and an unknown font was found, resulting in a check box replace fonts. I gave a right font name, and then also the words disappeared!


      Does anyone recognize this? Hopefully somebody already found a solution...

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Word imports can be frustrating sometimes in InDesign. If you have a failure, soemtimes the same file will import correctly if you change the format to .rtf or to .docx if currently .doc, or vice versa. It is also very import to make sure that any tracked changes have been approved, then do a Save As in Word to clean teh file prior to import.