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    Companion ads ... please help!

    Javier Cerdas


      I've been looking for an example of the implementation of companion ads, but have not been able to find any.  I've read pieces of information here and there, and I think I understand what needs to happen, but still not 100% clear. 


      For what I've seen, I need a vast doc version 2.0, in order for the framework to see the companionAd tag and give me back an array of the companion elements in the xml.  Once I have acces to them, I would use the HTMLMediaContainer to communicate this info to the javascript on the html page and target the divs where the companion ad will load.


      Is there a way to do this with a vast file ver 1.0?  I've tried, but it will not see the companion Ad tag in the xml at all... 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


      Thank you.