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    HTML component showing swf focus stuck


      I have an AIR desktop application which contains a HTML component.  This HTML comp can display html or swf content.  I have a key listener to pick up user keypresses.  If they press a function key, the application goes to another state which contains a full screen HTML component.  The user can exit full screen mode by pressing escape.  This works fine if the content is HTML content.  If it's flash swf content and the user clicks on the swf, the focus seems to be lost.  An escape press now no longer works in exiting from full screen mode and the user gets stuck, with quiting the application being the only way to exit.  I have a trace set up for the key press events and the trace isn't getting called once the user gets stuck in the swf content.  I've tried adding a timer event to manually reset the focus to a different on screen component every second but this doesn't work either. 

      Any suggestions would be gratefully received.