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    Printer not printing drop shadow and printing transparent backgrounds .png


      I have recently made a book for my college project which I have had help with before on here, some problems the print maker has been having with my work is that:


      1. On this poster the drop shadow didn't print from the pdf, it's like it was none existant.

      Poster 2.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro_2012-05-21_18-28-12.jpg

      2. On the pages of this book where I have imported .png files (high res) from Photoshop, the printer has been printing the transparent parts darker. (I've edited the image to show what happens after printing, the darker area being the transparent area of the .png)


      Book Pages.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro_2012-05-21_18-30-57.jpg


      I have read about flattening transparency but I'm a bit confused as to how it works.


      Could someone help me please?

      Thankyou, Andrew.